Who We Are

Whistleblowers Against Fraud is dedicated to partnering with individuals who have information about major fraud perpetrated on the U.S. government. When companies steal from the government, our government, they steal from each and every one of us.

and various State Whistleblower laws, provide every U.S. citizen a means to make a difference by turning in companies that abuse the public trust.

We understand the rules of the games when it comes to building successful whistleblower cases. Our approach is simple on its surface, but execution is what sets us apart:


21+ years of experience, developing whistleblower actions is all we do. We’ve successfully recovered billions of dollars on behalf of the U.S. federal government and numerous states.


When our client’s succeed, we succeed. We partner with our clients to develop the strongest case possible, recommend the right attorney for their case, and guide them through each phase of their case.


We work hard, very hard. We love our work, and we believe that our efforts help make the world a better, safer place. Our commitment to our clients is extraordinary, as their decisions to stand up and fight for what’s right motivates us.


There is no formula for what we do for our clients. We seek answers, wherever they are to be found, leaving no stone unturned. Our perspectives, dedication and experience allow us to discover what others often miss.