We Work With You for Truth and Justice

How We Help You

Whistleblowers Against Fraud is dedicated to partnering with individuals who have information about major fraud perpetrated against the US Government.

We work with clients from start to finish, building the strongest case, choosing the appropriate attorneys, providing ongoing support and leadership to see the case through, and ultimately maximizing the client's monetary reward.

We are expert whistleblowers, not lawyers.

Areas of Expertise

Healthcare Fraud

Whistleblower rewards from health care fraud have exceeded $2 billion, and are expected to rise with billions recovered in pending cases.
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Financial Fraud

Financial fraud can be recovered under the False Claims Act, IRS Whistleblower Statute and Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Protection Act.
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Defense Contractor Fraud

Exposing defense contractor fraud, helps ensure that our troops aren’t supplied with faulty gear and armaments.
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Oil & Gas Fraud

Exposing oil and gas fraud, helps protect the second largest source of income for the federal government.
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Procurement Fraud

Exposing procurement fraud, helps ensure that organizations conduct business in a fair and compliant manner.
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FCPA Fraud

Exposing FCPA fraud, helps ensure that companies operating oversees  are held to the same standards as here in the US.
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Our Track Record is Tremendously Successful

We are 4x more successful than the average Whistleblower. Approximately 13% of cases filed under the False Claims Act are intervened in by the U.S. government, whereas 50%+ of our cases have been intervened in by the U.S. government. Whistleblowers Against Fraud has assisted the U.S. government in recovering more than $1 billion of damages.

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Our Hard Work & Expertise Pays Off For Our Clients

Whistleblower actions are complex, grueling experiences. We have provided information to the Department of Justice extensively, including to U.S.  attorneys offices in 9 different jurisdictions. Our success lends credibility with the government, legal counsel, other relators to whom we may be adversarial and in many other ways that aid in the development of the most effective whistleblower actions possible. We fight hard and we fight to win.

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We Have A Unique Skillset And Perspective

We maximize the value of information. As experienced investigators, we ensure that all aspects of a whistleblower action are explored. Supplementing your information, we can assist in adding additional culpable defendants and in identifying systemic industry practices. We pursue actions at the state level when appropriate, and are skilled in understanding and quantifying the real magnitude of major frauds. Our experience and relationships are invaluable in developing large, successful whistleblower actions.

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We Build the Right Legal Team For You

Having worked with some of the brightest legal minds, we have established relationships with the right firms and choose a legal team based on your needs of your case.

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