What To Expect

Our commitment to our clients is paramount. Every Whistleblowers Against Fraud client has a dedicated expert whistleblower to guide them through the entirety of their case. The support of our full team of dedicated professionals is never more than a phone call away, and there is always someone available to address a client’s need. Consistent communication, exploring all possible opportunities and shepherding a client’s case along are our absolutely priorities.


When you contact us, we immediately analyze the information that you provide us. The more you tell us about your allegations, the easier it is for us to evaluate whether we can help you. After some cursory research, if appropriate, we respond to you within 12 to 24 hours. Oftentimes, you will speak to one of our expert whistleblower within a few hours of your initial contact, as time is of the essence.


A full review of your allegations will be conducted and they will be discussed by our entire team of expert whistleblowers. The process of gathering documents, preserving evidence and other important considerations will be undertaken immediately. We will provide you a full understanding of what it means to become a whistleblower, and our perspectives on the possible paths your case may take over time. While each case is unique, our experience of having worked to develop dozens of whistleblower actions, across many industries, inures great comfort to our clients.


Working with many of the best law firms in the country, we are experts at helping our clients pick the right legal team for their case. Whether with a single law firm, or a team of law firms with complementary skillsets, we work as a team alongside our clients to develop the appropriate whistleblower actions. A full understanding of the available whistleblower programs is essential, as the potential to pursue more than one type of whistleblower action is always considered. Getting the best case on file, in the shortest amount of time, is the combined focus of our entire team. Dedicated and experienced, we work hard to make sure our clients are positioned for success.


Firm believers that success is dependent on effort, we make every effort on behalf of our clients. Every step of the way, we are there to address the inevitable opportunities and threats that emerge in complex whistleblower actions. If the government intervenes in your case, we work hard to ensure you receive your fair share of any whistleblower reward. If the government chooses not to intervene, and we believe strongly in the merits of your case, we are committed and experienced in helping our clients get their cases pursued on a declined basis. No matter what arises, as a Whistleblower Against Fraud client, you have a partner against fraud, each step of the way.