Who Should Become A Whistleblower

Becoming a successful whistleblower requires that you possess quality, first-hand information about fraud being perpetrated on the government. Many of our clients have tried to remedy the fraud within their own company, finding that their “helpful” suggestions were unwelcome. Harassed, isolated, and in many instances, fired, our client’s choose to stand up for what’s right by becoming a whistleblower.

While most whistleblowers are current or former employees, some of the most successful whistleblowers were never employed by the companies they brought to justice. Whistleblowers make the hard decision to come forward because they are the kind of people who know that is the right thing to do.

Defense contractors and healthcare companies are the most typical defendants in a whistleblower action, but fraud knows no industry limitations. The government purchases seemingly everything, from pencils to software to chocolate. And, when the government is purchasing, there are unfortunately far too many willing to defraud it. Bringing these companies and individuals to justice, on behalf of each of our fellow citizens, is what becoming a whistleblower is ultimately all about.