Whistleblower Attorney

Choosing the right whistleblower attorney (or a group of attorneys) for your case is a difficult decision. Complicating this further, the attorney who can craft a magnificent case may not have the ideal skills to conduct settlement negotiations on your behalf. By teaming law firms with each other and orchestrating them to work together seamlessly, we are often able to build a far stronger legal team than any single law firm on its own. Our experience as Expert Whistleblowers has taught us that the right legal team for your case has:


There are many lawyers who sell themselves as “whistleblower lawyers”, where representing whistleblowers is only a small piece of their legal practice. We know the right lawyers, within the right firms, who have the knowledge and day-to-day focus to represent our clients. As a whistleblower action evolves, it may make sense to supplement the expertise of the existing legal team, as success is our only goal.


Effort matters. At Whistleblowers Against Fraud we work whatever hours our clients require, as this is not a 9 to 5 endeavor for us. We care about our clients and their cases, and we demand this same commitment from the lawyers that we work alongside. The law firms we work with have demonstrated the commitment to fight for our clients from the day they are engaged, including pursuing declined cases where they believe the government’s choice not to intervene is inappropriate. As Your Partner Against Fraud, we put the right team in place for you, and we ensure that team executes for you all the way through the conclusion of your case.


Whistleblower Against Fraud clients are represented by a legal team ideally suited for their case. Working with more than a dozen law firms, we recommend a whistleblower attorney with the relevant experience for your case. Whistleblower Programs exist to address a wide array of fraud, and no attorney is expert in them all. We deliver the right whistleblower attorney (or attorneys) for your case, whether that ends up being one law firm or a team of firms, and we manage their execution throughout the life of your case.