SEC Fraud

Becoming a Whistleblower, and exposing SEC fraud, is an essential way you can contribute to the strength of our economy. Free and fair securities markets are the underpinnings of our financial system. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Protection Act created the SEC whistleblower program to ensure that future Bernard Madoff’s will be brought to justice far quicker.

Under the SEC whistleblower program, whether insider trading violations, stock price manipulation or FCPA violations, whistleblowers can now receive from 10 percent to 30 percent of the monies collected based on the whistleblower’s information. SEC fraud comes in many forms, but at its core it prejudices the investing public, at the hands of management that they’ve entrusted with their hard-earned money. An effective whistleblower program seeking to remedy these sad realities is long overdue, and is likely to become a cornerstone of public market compliance over time.

SEC fraud typically involve some combination of the following violations:

  • manipulation of market prices of securities;
  • money laundering operations seeking to obscure the identity, source and destination of the funds represented by sets of financial transactions;
  • insider trading violations which unfairly favor those parties with knowledge to the detriment of the broader investing public; and
  • materially misstating or failing to report material information that the investing public has a right to know under existing securities laws.

The SEC’s Investor Protection Fund, from which whistleblower rewards will be paid, has been funded with $452 million. Whistleblowers Against Fraud can help you protect your identity while working alongside you as partners towards filing your best possible SEC whistleblower case.