Our Mission

The False Claims Act is a significant way for the U.S. government, and each of us as citizens, to correct the actions of those who defraud us. Whistleblower rewards have significant implications for society as a whole, as whistleblower efforts help to:

Protect Patients

A deterrent against health care fraud, the False Claims Act saves lives. Whistleblower cases include settlements against health care providers & companies who knowingly sold unsafe medical equipment, falsely marketed drugs to patients for uses that they were not approved and performed innumerable unnecessary medical procedures.

protect Honest citizens

Recovering tax fraud, or ensuring that medications, health care procedures and equipment are appropriately priced and delivered as necessary, helps put money back into the pockets of U.S. citizens. Whistleblower programs recover money that would otherwise have been kept by those who sought to defraud us.

protect ones in need

The False Claim Act discourages nursing homes from delivering substandard care to nursing home patients. Whistleblower cases have exposed the off-label marketing of drugs to children. The False Claims Act helps protect our most vulnerable fellow citizens.

protect our armed forces

Whistleblower actions have helped to discourage government contractors from supplying our troops with faulty body armor, radar that doesn’t track, or weapons that explode in their hands. Protecting those who dedicate their lives to protecting U.S. citizens — you, us and our families — is fundamentally decent and an absolute requirement for any civilized nation.