Maximize Your Reward

Be Persistent

Whistleblower actions are major undertakings that require strategic thinking, consistent execution and patience. The lifecycle for a successful case can vary from a few years to far longer, depending on many distinct factors. Our commitment to our clients is that every case receives the attention it deserves, until successfully resolved or we’ve exhausted all our options.

Successful whistleblower actions go through a series of phases, with settlement negotiations being the final step. We strongly believe that whistleblowers deserve to be treated fairly in any settlement that the government proposes, and we fight for our client’s rights. Many whistleblower actions have multiple whistleblowers, and negotiating the whistleblower reward between these various parties can be a complex process unto itself. Our experience, perspectives and expertise play out over the course of each of our client’s cases, but perhaps at no time are they more important than at settlement.

The government chooses not to join whistleblower cases for many reasons. When a declined case appears viable to us still, we are passionate about pursuing these cases on a declined basis. Being willing to stand up for what’s right is the reason our clients become whistleblowers, and we respect their commitment. While not every case will have a successful outcome, we believe that we are always responsible for the effort. Our effort on behalf of our clients is always exceptional.

Settlement Negotiations

Successful whistleblower actions take time. When cases approach settlement, and a whistleblower reward is to be paid, a complete strategic understanding of the whistleblower’s options can be crucially important. At Whistleblower’s Against Fraud, we bring our expertise to bear during settlement by:

Understanding the Players

Whistleblower cases can involve multiple sets of whistleblowers, lawyers and government agencies. We help assess the relative strengths of those parties competing with our clients for their share of a whistleblower reward. Our experience in settling many other cases, oftentimes against some of the same set of lawyers, is combined with a clear understanding of a whistleblower’s options. Our interests are perfectly aligned with those of our clients, in a way potentially significantly different than legal counsel, as we win and lose together every step of the way.

A Strong Foundation

Successful whistleblowers begin their cases by considering how settlement negotiations will unfold, years in advance. Our expertise at helping you pick the right attorney for your whistleblower case, from the outset, can be a key part of your ultimate success. Different firms have unique sets of expertise and relationships. With a diverse portfolio of clients, pursuing actions across numerous different whistleblower programs, we ensure that your case starts off in the right hands.

Bringing In Reinforcements

Given that cases take years to settle, the dynamics of a case may dictate supplementing whistleblower counsel. Dedication to our clients is foremost, and if we believe a given case will benefit from additional legal expertise, we have the relationships to make that recommendation. Settlement negotiations can take months and involve diverse personalities and perspectives. A fuller understanding of legal tactics, negotiating strategies and a broad perspective on fairness, accumulated over years of settling cases, is what we bring to each of our client’s settlement negotiations.