Frequently Asked Questions

Does Whistleblowers Against Fraud have references and verifiable credentials?

Prior to establishing a partnership with any whistleblower, we happily provide professional references, including an in-person meeting with the legal counsel WAF intends to utilize for a given whistleblower action, as well as access to our clients.

Can Whistleblowers Against Fraud make a difference in the whistleblower reward I ultimately receive?

WAF has the experience and resources to achieve the best results in a given whistleblower action. This is our day-to-day business, not simply one aspect of a legal practice, and we have extensive relationships and expertise in the pursuit of claims on behalf of those who have defrauded the U.S. government. While there are many lawyers who say they are “whistleblower experts”, we have the credentials and successful track record to prove it is so.

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Does Whistleblowers Against Fraud provide legal counsel?

No, we are expert whistleblowers, not lawyers. However, WAF has been represented by legal firms that have world-class expertise in complex litigation. Our legal relationships are one of the keys to maximizing our whistleblower rewards, as we effectively present information to the government, consistently anticipating their needs in a given whistleblower action.

What percentage of the whistleblower reward does Whistleblowers Against Fraud get for its efforts?

Each whistleblower action is unique. WAF assesses all of the facts and makes the whistleblower a partnership offer. Our expertise and relationships often result in a stronger whistleblower action, making the ultimate whistleblower reward more substantial than an individual whistleblower is likely to achieve on their own.

How does Whistleblowers Against Fraud charge for its services?

We carefully evaluate each potential whistleblower action, since our only compensation is a percentage of the ultimate whistleblower reward. If there is no whistleblower reward, WAF gets paid nothing. In fact, if there are any upfront expenses or legal fees, we pay them in full.