Expert Whistleblowers

We are you. We have encountered major corporate fraud, filed whistleblower cases, and won. Whistleblower actions are all we do. Your Partner Against Fraud, we win together. What’s in our client’s best interests is in our best interests, always.

Success is the only way we get paid

Our clients don’t pay any kind of expenses. There are no hidden fees. We all share in the recovery, our interests perfectly aligned, as we seek to bring those who defraud the government to justice.

We know the players that matter

Brilliant legal minds, with the right expertise, for your specific case. Experts knowledgeable on complex industry practices. Politically savvy professionals with relationships that can help expose the corporate fraud we seek to correct. Our relationships are one of our core assets, as we engage like minded people who work tirelessly and intelligently on behalf of our clients.

We fight on behalf of our clients

Developing the best case, filing it in a manner that gives the highest chance of success and following through on every challenge that arises. We execute complex strategies to maximize your potential reward.

We finish strong

Our experience settling cases is invaluable. Understanding the motivations of the various parties at the settlement table, we bring a balanced, rational approach to a potentially chaotic and emotional process. Our only goal is to get our client the best achievable settlement, as our client’s success is our success.