Building Your Best Case

Whistleblower Against Fraud’s track record is tremendously successful because we build the strongest foundation for your case. Building your best case includes:

Understanding Your Information

Many of our clients don’t start out fully appreciating the value of their information. Quantifying damages, refining the scope of your allegations and determining the true essence of your case is our expertise. Working together, we analyze your information and develop an efficient and effective plan to build your best case. Very few clients have perfect information, but together we build cases where 1+1 truly does equal 3 or more.

Developing Robust Allegations

Expert Whistleblowers, we understand how to develop your information into the strongest case possible. Uncovering subtle, yet meaningful allegations that others might not recognize, we fully explore all the possible ways that your information can be utilized. Our network of relationships, developed during our 25+ years of fighting fraud, afford us a unique perspective to create your best possible case.

Focusing on What Matters

Simplicity is difficult to achieve, but very valuable. We refine information down to that which we know is actionable. Building cases that receive strong attention from the government is a big part of what we accomplish for our clients. Developing all aspects of a case can different, but complementary, ways of utilizing the same information in multiple ways. Bringing all our relationships to bear — lawyers, consultants, industry experts and others — we create a comprehensive approach to building successful cases.

Firm believers in the strength of collaboration, we help our clients build teams that maximize the potential for their case to be successful:

Partnering two or more clients together

We are often able to dramatically increase the chances for success for each client on their own. Having filed cases with as many as 4 individual whistleblowers, many of our cases have 2 or 3 clients where the sum of their contributions far exceeds what would be possible on their own.

Building the right legal team

We often work with more than a single law firm on a given case. Our clients in these instances benefit from the different skills, perspectives and temperament that each firm can bring to bear for our clients. Having cultivated relationships with law firms across a wide array of sizes and expertise, we are able to quickly deliver our clients the right team of lawyers for their case.

Our clients benefit from our experience

As Expert Whistleblowers, because we have fought the wars and won. We proactively manage your case each step of the way, having seen dozens of cases wind their way from filing to settlement. Our 25+ years of experience in helping our clients succeed comforts our clients as they always know we’re alongside them every step of the way.