Becoming A Whistleblower

Successful whistleblowers have information about fraud being committed on the government, and choose to make a difference. Whistleblower actions can be pursued at the state or federal level, under a number of different Whistleblower Programs. Becoming a whistleblower is an enormous decision, but it is simply the right thing to do.

Whistleblowers Against Fraud partners with individuals who want to make a difference. Our clients believe that putting patients at risk for profit, delivering substandard goods to our troops, or shifting the tax burden from major corporations to everyday Americans are wrong, and worthy of fighting against. Fraud comes in far too many forms, so much so that even the types of fraud we cover on this website couldn’t hope to be all inclusive.

Fighting corporate greed, and exercising our rights as citizens, is always the right thing to do. Whistleblowers are protected under our laws, as they should be, for they have often been retaliated against and sought to be silenced in their mission to remedy fraud. Whistleblower Against Fraud helps our clients become successful whistleblowers by:

Providing Perspective

We focus our client’s on the most relevant facts, helping create their strongest possible case. Expert Whistleblowers, we have perspectives on fraudulent industry practices, how fraud is committed generally, and what matters most in building a successful whistleblower action.

Providing Expertise

Knowledge. Care. Execution. Working with dozens of the brightest legal minds in our country, WAF clients have the right attorney for their case. For some cases, combining the strength of 2 talented law firms is the WAF approach. With the right legal team in place, WAF ensures that every client’s case gets the attention and respect it deserves.

Providing Support

You are not alone. Your Partner Against Fraud, WAF is with you every step of the way. The process of becoming a whistleblower can feel daunting at times, but we’ve been there, we get it. Our experience, success and commitment to your case are what we bring to each of our client’s cases.