Are Whistleblowers Protected?

Becoming a whistleblower is an honorable act that deserves protection by our society. While there are many Whistleblower Protection Laws, the overriding principle is that protecting whistleblowers is good public policy. People brave enough to stand apart from the crowd, to do what’s right, is the common thread amongst all of our clients. Whistleblowers Against Fraud works hard to ensure that our clients are protected by:

Building the Strongest Case

Firm believers that a good offense is one’s best defense, we work with our clients to build their best possible case. Our experience of 25+ years in fighting fraud committed against the government has made us expert in developing all possible allegations for our client’s case. Our successful track record is a result of our highly strategic approach to remedying the fraud committed on our government. Teaming whistleblowers up on many of our cases allows us to file a case where 1 + 1= 3 or 4, which may explain why our track record is tremendously successful.

Picking the Right Legal Team

As expert whistleblowers, we work with dozens of lawyers, having a deep understanding of their relative strengths. Our clients benefit from our ability to build a coalition of law firms for their case, often having two or more law firms working to make their case a success. While picking the right lawyer is critical, managing that relationship so that each of our client’s cases receive the ongoing care they deserve is every bit as important. Working alongside world-class legal counsel on a daily basis, as Your Partner Against Fraud, we protect the commitment each of our clients has made, ensuring they maximize any ultimate reward to which they are entitled.

We Do Whatever It Takes

Protecting our clients is our highest priority. Whether filing retaliation claims against former employers, finding legal counsel willing to pursue a worthy declined case or exploring financial options to assist our clients through challenging times, we work tirelessly on behalf of our clients. Our loyalty to each of our clients is supreme, and our clients appreciate us for it.