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Act Strategically

Filing a whistleblower action is a series of small steps that combine to determine success.  Sometimes it’s about what not to do, as much as what to do.  Expert Whistleblowers, just when we believe we’ve seen it all, we find out we haven’t.  Nuanced execution at all stages of a whistleblower action can be the difference between success and failure.  Maximizing the whistleblower reward that is achieved by our clients is driven by:

Our ability to join whistleblowers together to make a stronger case than they’d accomplish individually.  Partnering with Whistleblowers Against Fraud means we use all of our relationships to improve the merits of your case.  The more complex the case, the more likely we are to develop multiple sources, including two or more whistleblowers, industry experts and a robust legal team.

Developing strong allegations, by understanding fraud and how it is committed most frequently.  Industry practices often drive certain types of fraud.  The sheer amount of information that we come across in researching various fraudulent schemes allows us to understand how to build your best case.  Creativity, experience and hard work all come together, resulting in our highly successful track record.

Knowledge of the government’s appetite to pursue certain types of cases and allegations is important.  Fraud committed on the government falls into many different areas, and some are of greater interest to government officials than others.  Understanding the dynamic landscape of various types of fraud allows us to determine how best to approach a whistleblower case.